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24 home hacks using mirrors

Back to the Georges book, one of the people interviewed was Christine Barro, who was the accessories buyer during the 80's and 90's until the store closed.

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Small flat? This is what you do

At the heart of Mahatma House’s main pavilion is an enormous light-filled, open-plan living room furnished with an oversized daybed strewn with Chinese style silk cushions.

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16 Ideas for a Cosy Living Room

If I happen to be passing a small specialty shop on a high street with interesting bits and pieces in it you can guarantee I'll make a detour in for a browse.

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La Lista sogno di una nuova vita che si avvera... Vi aiuteremo a scegliere il meglio per la vostra casa  e... perchè no... in lista ci possiamo mettere anche L'Arredamento !!!!!

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